Webinar: An Overview of Archiving as a Service

Why aren’t you archiving your old JDE data?

From our experiences, many delay archiving because the budget isn’t there to spend on software, there isn’t enough time to analyze the requirement, there isn’t the in-house knowledge to run a purge/archive project, and the business hasn’t bought-in to create a suitable data retention policy to support an archive process.

Archiving as a Service offers a solution to quell those deterrents. The archive environment configuration is part of the service, it enables legal compliance with data legislation, it enables quick delivery of an essential activity and there is no in-house knowledge acquisition/training required. An archiving specialist will review your data to help you develop an appropriate data retention policy that suites your and your company’s needs.

Whether you are an existing Purge-it! user, don’t have an archiving solution, or want to switch from your current product, watch this webinar to learn more.

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