Differentiate your business without the high cost of traditional legacy systems or customizations

NuVerge had the opportunity to completely rethink an end to end winery solution, built on a SaaS no-code platform. A clean sheet of paper! Taking their collective years of learning, knowledge and experience, including the misgivings of previous winery solutions, they built a solution from the ground up that delivers to the needs of the winery. They took their decades of ERP application experience, a multitude of wine industry specific experiences, and an industry veteran winemaker to develop a Next Generation Winery Solution.

The NuVerge Product Development team have built WineTrax™ on the Nextworld™, Nextbot™ no-code platform.

The culmination of industry leading winery and ERP experience have been brought together to simplify and enhance your winery management requirements.

NuTrax Page Business Benefits

Business Benefits

  • Always application current
  • End-to-end business visibility
  • Visualisation and dashboards
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • No hefty CAPEX outlays
  • Accelerated enablement
NuTrax Page Industry Features

Industry Features

  • Tailored for the Wine industry
  • Industry Extensions included
  • SaaS deployed technologies
  • Preconfigured, built & tested
  • Bundled support services
  • Automated testing technologies
  • Security Roles predefined
  • Jump start accelerators
  • Data migration tooling
  • Predefined forms and reports
  • Dashboards & Mobility included
  • Process Automation
NuTrax Page Application Technologies

Application Technologies

  • NuVerge IP and prebuilt content for Wine solution
  • Automated testing technologies
  • WineTrax™ enablement approach
  • Project and ongoing support services
  • HA & DR by design
  • SaaS license management included

Gain visibility that supports your decision making at every level of your operations such as: