iSP3 is proud to be a reseller and services partner of a variety of business optimization products. These products are designed to automate, monitor, and optimize both front-end and back-end processes to eliminate waste, improve organizational communication, and increase business throughput. Please contact us regarding these optimization tools to help improve your organization and enhance your EnterpriseOne® or World™ experience.

iSP3 can provide you with licensing, deployment, and support of the following products:

We are proud to be a Platinum Partner of Oracle Corporation.  As a JD Edwards software reseller, we work closely with their Sales Team to ensure the delivery of quality services to existing and new JD Edwards clients.

With Purge-it! from Klik IT, your data integrity is maintained during and after archiving, even if a process is cancelled mid-way. As a result of working completely within your JD Edwards environment, you have the knowledge and satisfaction of working with an Oracle validated integrated solution that has the same look and feel as the interface that you’re used to.

Supporting all versions of JD Edwards, ALLOut Security is the market leader in Security and Compliance solutions for JD Edwards World and E1. They offer a complete range of products and services to help clients overcome the security issues and reporting requirements that cause so many headaches and auditor dollars.

PACKMAN is a module which has been designed and developed using the standard EnterpriseOne development toolkit. Installing PACKMAN does not affect or impact the standard package build and deployment applications; your ability to build and deploy packages using the standard process is still available and will work side by side with the PACKMAN module. Packman is an Oracle Validated Integration.

Our BI Publisher Packs (BiPP) are ready-to-use template designs with the goal of providing you with an easy to install, maintainable, adaptable, affordable and time saving solution that also incorporates advanced features and best practices in the design. Basic JD Edwards generated xml data fields are incorporated by default, making this an "Out of The Box" functioning solution, ready to be configured to your company's unique needs.

SCANMAN is the only out-of-the-box Invoice Automation solution for JD Edwards available today. It is built from strong back end knowledge of the core ERP system, adding to it a tailor fit front end to maximize the user experience. SCANMAN is a complete, web-based Invoice Automation solution, seamlessly integrated into your Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application using the latest Composite Application Framework for E1 (Cafe One) features.  Ask us how 200+ JD Edwards clients are transforming their A/P Processes with SCANMAN.

With DSI’s mobile-first apps and cloud-based supply chain solutions, you can outperform your competition with real-time inventory visibility. Deploy on-premise or in the cloud to capture, share, analyze and act on inventory from any mobile device.

RF-SMART is a fully multi-modal automated data collection solution. Its advanced technology enables you to choose the most efficient mode of data collection—barcodes, voice, RFID or keypad entry on the mobile device—for every transaction offered. With RF-SMART, you'll notice dramatic improvements to productivity, order accuracy, supply chain visibility, inventory accuracy and more in your warehouse operations.