CAM Performance Plus

CAM Performance Plus

iSP3 is a partner and reseller of CAM Performance Plus, the most comprehensive enhancement suite of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) tools for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne by Asset Management Solutions (AMS). Now you can take advantage of improved functionality in your Capital Asset Management (CAM) module with this Oracle Validated Integration solution designed in the native JD Edwards toolset for a seamless user experience, without the need for costly integration.

CAM Performance Plus delivers rich new capabilities and improvements to the user experience for everything maintenance, and more.  This includes a simpler and more intuitive work order lifecycle, enhanced PM’s, workforce scheduling, Google like search capabilities for your Item Master, and attachment printing for work order packages. Our implementation approach is designed to phase this modular solution into your organization to deliver immediate value, in the shortest amount of time.




Enhanced Item Search In JDE
Enhanced item search gives you best in class search engine functionality for EnterpriseOne. Search what you need when you need it, with intuitive results. Find any part in just a few keystrokes and clicks, a better way to manage maintenance repair and overhauls.

PrintCue Attachment Printing
Print attachments related to Work Orders, Equipment Master records, Item Master records, and Purchase Orders as a single “Packet” the way you want and need.

Purchase Request Workbench
A new concept in JD Edwards, the Purchase Request. Now you have flexible purchasing approval routes.


The existing EnterpriseOne software provides a single work order application with fixed options and limited space, never taking into account the various nuances needed for each user role or step in the WO lifecycle.

With Work Order Lifecycle Suite now you have a work order solution that is user-friendly, functional and easier for everyone to use.  When you’re processing 400, 800, or 1,000 work orders a week, every minute you spend matters.  The enhancements include:

  • WO Request & Approvals
  • Enhanced Planners Workbench
  • Enhanced Scheduler Workbench
  • Technicians Workbench for Execution and Completions
  • Manager WO Review
  • Automated Accounting WO Close

The problem of printing file attachments for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers has been solved!

PrintCue Attachment Printing for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne gives you the power to collect all related documents, links and PDFs attached to Work Orders, Equipment Master records, Item Master records, and Purchase Orders and print them as a single “Packet” the way you want and need.

This solution ensures you will give ALL the essential information in one handy packet to your entire team, including safety and procedural information or anything else you might require.  No more printing single attachments and hand-stapling.

Native search in JDE can be frustrating. Character limits, case sensitivity, limited description fields and obsolete part selections are common complaints.

Problem solved. MRO Plus enhances the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software by providing an elegant search function that works a lot like Google. Character limit and field limits have been removed, so you can search for what you need, when you need it. This simple, user-friendly way to search for parts and configure multiple approval processes has eliminated confusion and delay creating a much better way to manage maintenance repair and overhauls.

The existing EnterpriseOne PM setups are complex, redundant, and require too many mouse clicks and screens for even the simplest of tasks!  The PM Plus solution has been created to intuitively notify your team when maintenance needs to occur – whether by equipment usage or time.  PM Plus can also make historical corrections to meter readings – solving a huge problem in the existing native EnterpriseOne software.

Every construction and mining customer that sees this feature agrees it’s a home run solution. Schedule the maintenance you need, how you need it.

This enhancement to EnterpriseOne evaluates your work orders every night to determine what parts you’ll need, when you’ll need them, and if they are in stock. PARTS Pro intelligently allocates stocked parts to work orders according to priority so they are ready when you need them. This saves you significant hours and limits production downtime!

The PARTS Pro solution helps you:

  • Avoid Production Downtime
  • Automagically assign parts to work orders according to work priority & part availability
  • Automated daily review of Work Orders to confirm parts availability & inventory issues
  • Notifies you if parts were “stolen” (aka pulled for emergency) in the middle of the night
  • PARTS Pro stands for Part Availability and Readiness To Schedule. You no longer have to worry about constantly watching for part availability or causing inventory-related production down times!


CAM Performance Plus Demo
Mobile Applications - CAM On The Go


Now you can take CAM on the go, wherever you are. AMS has deployed mobile applications for JD Edwards customers and they cover a variety of functions including; work order management, PM checklist, purchase order receipts, purchase order approvals, and all aspects of storeroom management. With AMS mobile applications, you can work offline and automatically sync your work to JD Edwards when the device connection is reliable. Learn more about the mobile applications in this video.

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