Pre-Built Solutions

iSP3 has the following pre-built solutions available for JD Edwards customers.

Advanced Resource Assignment

iSP3’s Advanced Resource Assignment application is seamlessly integrated into JD Edwards Capital Asset Management and Resource Assignment applications providing over 100 additional feature enhancements; increasing scheduling efficiency and maintenance productivity.

If you would like to learn more about this application you can download our brochure here.

Orchestrator Library

Our team has been working with customers to develop an Orchestrator Library. Coupled with our development services to customize them for you, we’ve been able to ensure they are executed correctly resulting in planned and strategic Orchestrations.

Does your company do Meter Readings? Now we have a series of Orchestrations in our library that will allow you to process your meter readings by validating CSV input, updating readings in JDE, and logging errors for your reporting.

We can also help you to automate your exchange rate updates to multiple currencies with an easily managed Orchestration. From a source currency to multiple others, updated daily.

To learn more about our complete Orchestrator Library or get started with the ones above contact us.

BI Publisher Packs

Our BI Publisher Packs (BiPP) are ready-to-use Template Designs. Our goal is to provide you with an easy to install, maintainable, adaptable, affordable, and time saving solution that also incorporates advanced features and best practices in the design. Basic JD Edwards generated xml data fields are incorporated by default, making this an "Out of the Box" functioning solution, ready to be configured to your organization’s unique needs.

To learn more about our BI Publisher Packs visit this page on our site or contact us.