JDE Modernization

Deliver Value With JD Edwards Modernization

Systems that seemed so capable just a few years ago are now becoming legacy and obsolete.  At iSP3 we want to help you maximize ROI, lower TCO and set a precedent for how your company will move forward and respond to change.  Modernization not only delivers more value to your company but also provides better experiences for your end customer.  We are prepared and eager to help you with a roadmap for modernization, providing better experiences, higher quality products and services, gaining operational efficiencies, and adding value all through innovation and modernization.

Orchestrator JD Edwards

Process Automation & Orchestrator Library

Process automation is an ideal way to modernize and deliver business value.  By automating repetitive processes with Orchestrator you free up time for resources to work on more strategic business value initiatives. Our team has been working with customers to develop an Orchestrator Library. Coupled with our development services to customize them for you, we’ve been able to ensure they are executed correctly resulting in planned and strategic Orchestrations.

Does your company do Meter Readings? Now we have a series of Orchestrations in our library that will allow you to process your meter readings by validating CSV input, updating readings in JDE, and logging errors for your reporting.

We can also help you to automate your exchange rate updates to multiple currencies with an easily managed Orchestration. From a source currency to multiple others, updated daily.

To learn more about what Orchestrations are currently in the iSP3 library or how we can help you with process automation please contact us.

Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) provides a browser-based development environment that focuses on visual development techniques to create user interfaces, business objects, and business logic. Visual Builder is an innovative way to modernize processes. With VBCS, you can create both web browser-based applications and on-device mobile applications in the same project.  The service is not just a development platform, it is also the hosting and publishing platform for your apps. Making it easy to host a cloud web interface or deliver a mobile optimized iOS and Android experience with a click of a button. Whether you are a seasoned JavaScript expert, a developer taking your first steps in JavaScript, or a citizen developer looking to build your business application Visual Builder has something for you.

To dive deeper into Oracle VBCS please watch our on-demand webinar where we discuss JDE mobility solutions and look at the capabilities of VBCS.

OCI Batu Gezer

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Many JD Edwards customers are looking to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a means to innovate and modernize.  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built for enterprises looking for higher performance, lower costs, and easier cloud migration for their existing on-premises applications. You can migrate most on-premises JD Edwards EnterpriseOne deployments to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure without significant configuration, integration, or business process changes. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you have granular control over your JD Edwards environment all while taking advantage of the same software, the same licenses, and the same training your staff and end-users currently have.

To learn more about implementing and securing JD Edwards in Oracle's Cloud (OCI) follow the link below.

Archive & Purge

When you’re planning for modernization, whether it be via an upgrade project or migration to Cloud, it’s vitally important to look at something you may have overlooked for many years… your JD Edwards data! Oracle recommends archiving as part of any JD Edwards upgrade project. Through our own experiences, we have seen how old and dirty data present problems during the upgrade and migration process, and not just in terms of increased time to perform the project. You’ll experience a lack of quality and referential data integrity generally exhibited by older data that will cause upgrade and conversion routines to fail.

If you are on the pathway to Cloud now or in the future, incorporate data archiving into your strategy. The larger your data footprint the more costly the storage and possibly cloud computing power needed to process it.

Take the time to understand your data; where it is, how old it is, and the business value of it so that you can formulate and implement a meaningful data retention policy. As you look to modernize your ERP, seize this opportunity to clean the data you are transforming and to tidy up your system. Start as you mean to go on, with a lean and clean, better performing system.

To find more information about archive and purge please follow the link below.

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