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Modern Architecture To Future-Proof Your Business

Nextworld® is the only enterprise applications platform (EAP) that offers a composable architecture, aligning with your preferred business practices. They have separated applications from the technology that delivers them.  As technology changes in the future, Nextworld can make changes to the underlying architecture and then regenerate. All applications will immediately inherit the new capabilities. No disruptions to your business. Brilliant!

The Enterprise Applications Platform, Nextworld
Customize Your Way with Nextworld

Sustainable Customizations

Customizations are automatically merged with each update.  This means zero downtime for your business.  All customizations made with Nextworld's no-code platform are sustainable and even get better with every upgrade. No rework required, and no expensive maintenance cost.

No-Code Rapid Development

Business users can build and change applications on their own. Designed to integrate, every object is built with integration in mind. It's enterprise applications without the baggage that legacy systems have.

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Nextworld No Baggage
Nextworld Cloud Financials

41% of organizations
are already using a no/low code platform

84% of no/low code platform users
report reduced costs

91% of companies with  no/low code platforms
use them to promote innovation

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