Advanced Time and Attendance Management

SaaS Solution Built On Nextworld

By iSP3 global technologies inc., Nextworld Solution Developer

iALLTIME - Advanced Time & Attendance Management SaaS Solution by iSP3

Reduce timecard errors and administrative effort by transforming raw hours into actual earnings with real time seamless flow through to your project accounting - all in the Cloud.

iAllTIME is the Time and Labor rules solution being developed by iSP3 for companies on NextworldTM. This solution will eliminate the manual effort required to generate gross earnings. It will enable businesses to automate pay based on hours worked, overtime and applicable premiums, and other complex contract conditions or requirements.

Eliminate Payroll Burden

The savings will be immediate. Payroll staff will no longer need to manually calculate gross pay, a task that is typically time-consuming and labor-intensive for larger and global companies.

Save Time with Automation

iAllTIME will collect the hours from Nextworld time entry and perform the calculations to generate gross pay by employee. This can then be sent over to the third-party payroll application to calculate the correct net pay based on the tax rules of that country/region. There is no need to worry about tax rate set up in Nextworld.

We Know Real-Time is Important to You

With this application, costs will be available for job cost in real-time for project management, reports, and analytics.

Delivering Full Integration

This SaaS solution will be fully integrated with Nextworld’s Time Entry, Job Cost, and General Ledger applications.

If you would like to discuss iAllTIME further, please contact us.

Built on Nextworld