PACKMAN – Simplified Package Build Automation

Are package builds consuming your IT staff’s time?

PACKMAN, an Oracle Validated Integration solution, is a tool which has been designed and developed to significantly reduce the number of manual steps required to assemble, build and deploy update packages while at the same time mitigating the risk of errors by automating the manual steps typically involved in this process.


  • Minimize errors by reducing the number of manual tasks
  • Automate periodic up to full update packages, no manual intervention is required
  • Promote multiple packages with a single click
  • Configurable HTML-based notification email messages
  • Automatic generation of full or update packages
  • Package clean up after the build and deployment
  • Package build reports and log reports
  • Integration with OMW projects
  • Highly configurable
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Installing PACKMAN does not affect or impact the standard package build and deployment applications; your ability to build and deploy packages using the standard process is still available and will work side by side with the PACKMAN module.

Clients involved in frequent package builds report that the payback with PACKMAN is quite short, often times in six months or less.

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