Wireless, Mobile and RFID Data Collection with RF-SMART

RF data collection – commonly referred to as barcoding, scanning or RF – is the fastest and most effective way to increase inventory accuracy to 99.99%, improve picking accuracy to 99.99%, and enhance productivity by up to 40% in logistics environments.

RF-SMART is developed using 100% industry standard tools and technologies meaning that it performs better, runs fast and provides a better user experience that maximizes productivity and accuracy from the warehouse to the shop floor.

RF-SMART is a fully multimodal data collection solution. Its advanced technology enables you to choose the most efficient mode of data collection—barcodes, voice, RFID or keypad entry on the mobile device—for every transaction offered. The ability to interchangeably use data collection modes enhances productivity by up to 40% compared to paper-based processes and 20% compared to using barcodes alone.

RF-SMART’s purpose-built solution supports standard JD Edwards functionality, including:

  • Distribution/Inventory Control & Counts
  • WMS/Advanced Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing/Shop Floor
  • License Plating

In addition, RF-SMART fills functional gaps and adds value in multiple areas:

  • Enterprise Labeling
  • Analytics
  • Manager Applications
  • Device Management
  • Automation

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