Webinar: Overcoming the JD Edwards Data Blues

Slower performance, increased costs from a timing perspective, and complicated testing will give anybody the JD Edwards Data Blues.

The good news with JD Edwards is that you have all your historical data on hand. The bad news is you have all that historical data on hand.

Manage-it! is an inexpensive subscription-based solution that allows you to see what’s happening inside your JD Edwards database.

  • Learn how you can easily see the records and data size for your JDE data by Module area (Finance, Logistics, Payroll, Manufacturing), module (GL, Inventory) and individual table – all from a dashboard
  • See the growth patterns for your data
  • Simplify and expediate copying your production data with smaller, repeatable subsets
  • Mask the actual data in your test system for sensitive or confidential data

Watch this webinar to see how you can have the visibility and control you’ve been longing for with Manage-it!, including the Test-it! and Data Mask components.