On-Demand: EnterpriseOne Data Analysis in the Real World

Have you considered what it may be costing you to have old data sitting in your JDE system?Many JDE customers find great efficiencies and cost savings simply by doing a data analysis of their ERP.

This session explores why a data analysis should be performed, what to look for in the results, and what does it mean for you going forward.

  • What has been overlooked?
  • What is your space/record savings?
  • What should an archive target?

We’ll look at transactional, master, custom, and other tables and also reveal 4 real-world results from the more than 300 that we have performed.

We know that a lot of IT projects have been put on hold this year so even if a data clean up project isn’t on your radar now, having an idea of what makes up your EnterpriseOne system should be. One client noted that they “experienced a tremendous improvement in system performance and back up times. It’s never too late to look at purge and archive!”

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