Announcing Release 22!

Earlier this week, Oracle announced a new release naming methodology for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with Release 22. Based on customer feedback, this improved release naming convention will assist in recognizing when Oracle delivers new features for EnterpriseOne 9.2. The new name aligns with industry trends and better represents continuous innovation.

Why The Name Change?

There is a 77% adoption rate for EnterpriseOne 9.2 and so Release 22 is more representative of the modernization that JD Edwards continues to deliver to customers. It’s to provide customers with a greater awareness of the 700+ product features delivered in EnterpriseOne to support their digital transformation journeys. It’s reminiscent to how car manufacturers unveil their latest model; each year, JD Edwards will be unveiling the next release, labelled as the subsequent year. Release 22 is good for the year 2022. Next years' update will be Release 23 for the year 2023.

Release 22 represents the continuous innovation and code line of release 9.2. It encapsulates the Application Updates (Apps Update 6), the Tools 9.2.6 Updates (Tools, Tools etc), as well as Trial Edition and One Click provision.

Release 22 Is Digital ERP

Digital ERP is where you see things like Orchestrator helping you connect your system, enabling you to do things like Mobile or Internet of Things, it enhances your collaboration, helps you automate and validate your business processes, helps you eliminate manual tasks, and takes advantage of robotic process automation as well as cloud. It’s all about automation, optimization, and transformation. With Release 22 you’re increasing the value of your software investment, with enhanced visibility and actionable insights while at the same time creating improved customer engagement and enabling employees to make faster, more intelligent business decisions. You’re enabling your organization to become connected, customer centric teams with access to real-time digital intelligence and lowering your total cost of ownership.

Make The Move To 64-Bit

If you are already on 9.2, you don’t really need to do anything except to continue leveraging the existing update processes. Release 22 is cumulative and includes all new apps and tools features for EnterpriseOne. If you are on an older release of 9.2, or have only applied tools updates, the process of updating 9.2 has not changed with the announcement of Release 22. Updating just the tools release is possible however it’s recommended that customers update both apps and tools for Release 22. New application and tools features continue to be delivered as ESUs and maintenance packs. It’s important to note that this name change does not impact Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy for EnterpriseOne 9.2 so you are still covered until at least 2032. Apps Update 6 is supported with tools 9.2.5 but it's highly recommended that you make the move to 64-bit and Tools Update 6.

If on an older release of JD Edwards, you need to be on 64-bit. We’d be happy to set up a call to go over your plans and offer advice on how to set yourself up to take advantage of this opportunity and secure your JD Edwards investment by exploring modernization.

If you’d like to learn more about Release 22, make sure to check out