2022 – A Very Memorable Year

Before we jump in to 2023 let’s look back at this past year

Celebrating 22 Years!

We were very fortunate to celebrate our 22nd year as iSP3 in the beautiful Napa Valley! The company turnout was great, and we enjoyed welcoming our new 2022 employees. After some wonderful team presentations, we enjoyed an e-bike tour of Napa Valley and a delicious dinner downtown (along with some very fine wine). Such a memorable experience!

Welcoming New Partnerships

Over this past year there have been opportunities to expand our service and product offerings for clients. On the EnterpriseOne side, we announced a new partnership with Asset Management Solutions. They have developed CAM Performance Plus, an essential enhancement to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Enterprise Asset Management. We are thrilled to be able to offer this to our customers and bring iSP3 consultants to your CAM projects.

Becoming a Canadian partner for NuTrax for Wine by NuVerge was also an exciting announcement this year. Grape to glass, it automates and integrates processes from farming to quality control, vessel and blend management, production, and sales in a SaaS based system built on Nextbot™.

In the past fiscal year our team has expanded by 17%! Welcome to all of our new team members!

We often get asked what our top selling products & services were for the year.  The graphic to the right shows a sample of some of the Industries and Projects we worked on in 2022. Our Managed Services ranked at the very top of the list. Many customers are taking advantage of our Functional (Applications) and Technical (CNC) Managed Services, they are even seeing a 40% cut in IT costs and doubling the efficiency of operations. Getting the maximum value from your JD Edwards is now easier than ever with our fill your bucket approach to Managed Services. You can learn more here or just ask us!

Another project that has been top of mind for many of our customers is running JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The benefits to running on an Enterprise Cloud platform include superior performance, scalability, and heightened security. We know this firsthand as we were the first Oracle customer in North America to migrate our on premise EnterpriseOne applications onto Oracle’s Public Cloud.

Looking Ahead

JD Edwards continues to go strong with the recent announcement of Release 23 and we only expect to see it get better and better with the commitment from Oracle and the wider community.

We’ve got a few surprises up our sleeve for 2023, but we can’t let you in on all that yet. What we can tell you is that our release of iAllTIME, iSP3’s Time & Attendance solution built on NextbotTM will see a 2023 official release! A very exciting announcement indeed. Make sure to stay tuned to our LinkedIn community for more information.

Thank you to our customers for being an integral part of our growth in 2022.
None of what we were able to do could have been possible without you.

Onward to 2023!