NuTrax for Wine

Differentiate your business without the high cost of traditional legacy systems or customizations

NuVerge had the opportunity to completely rethink an end to end winery solution, built on a SaaS no-code platform. A clean sheet of paper! Taking their collective years of learning, knowledge and experience, including the misgivings of previous winery solutions, they built a solution from the ground up that delivers to the needs of the winery. They took their decades of ERP application experience, a multitude of wine industry specific experiences, and an industry veteran winemaker to develop a Next Generation Winery Solution.

The NuVerge Product Development team have built NuTrax for Wine™ on the Nextworld™, Nextbot™ no-code platform.

The culmination of industry leading winery and ERP experience have been brought together to simplify and enhance your winery management requirements.

NuTrax Page Business Benefits

Business Benefits

  • Always application current
  • End-to-end business visibility
  • Visualisation and dashboards
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • No hefty CAPEX outlays
  • Accelerated enablement
NuTrax Page Industry Features

Industry Features

  • Tailored for the Wine industry
  • Industry Extensions included
  • SaaS deployed technologies
  • Preconfigured, built & tested
  • Bundled support services
  • Automated testing technologies
  • Security Roles predefined
  • Jump start accelerators
  • Data migration tooling
  • Predefined forms and reports
  • Dashboards & Mobility included
  • Process Automation
NuTrax Page Application Technologies

Application Technologies

  • NuVerge IP and prebuilt content for Wine solution
  • Automated testing technologies
  • NuTrax™ enablement approach
  • Project and ongoing support services
  • HA & DR by design
  • SaaS license management included

Gain visibility that supports your decision making at every level of your operations such as: