Webinar: A Digital Transformation Safety Net – Managed Services and OCI

Are you ready for that next step to the Cloud?

In today’s landscape we know that properly supporting your Infrastructure, relying on internal resources, time-sensitive issues, and high costs are stretching your tech to a breaking point. The next step for your JD Edwards system after upgrade is up to the Cloud but many are uncomfortable and apprehensive with the implications.

OCI is a true Enterprise Cloud with superior performance and heightened layered security. The most recent enhancements such as metrics-based computer autoscaling, resource manager, and monitoring aid in optimizing your business operations and making them cost-effective. As the first customer to implement and use EnterpriseOne in the Cloud, we understand the efforts that await you on your upcoming digital transformation.

On this webinar we’ll look at how to best prepare your technology for the journey to the Cloud. Even if you’re not quite ready to go yet, we’ll also explore how trusting our Infrastructure Managed Service Support allows you to reap the benefits of your technology without the administrative burden of maintaining and managing on your own.

Join us on this webinar to learn more.

Webinar: A Digital Transformation Safety Net – Managed Services and OCI
Date: May 14, 2019
Time: 2 PM EST

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to postpone this webinar. If you are still interested to learn more about OCI or iSP3's managed services, please contact us.