2020 Year In Review

Home For The Holidays
Despite the global uncertainty and all the twists and turns, 2020 showcased what is important in the grand scheme of things and it certainly brought a new meaning to remote workforces and being home for the holidays.

We like to make certain that all JD Edwards customers are getting the most out of their ERP investment and so throughout this year, our own remote workforce has been hard at work guaranteeing just that.

The iSP3 Orchestrator Library
Our team has been working with our customers to develop an Orchestrator Library. Coupled with our development services to customize them for you, we’ve been able to ensure they are executed correctly resulting in planned and strategic Orchestrations.

Does your company do Meter Readings? Now we have a series of Orchestrations in our library that will allow you to process your meter readings by validating CSV input, updating readings in JDE, and logging errors for your reporting.

We can also help you to automate your exchange rate updates to multiple currencies with an easily managed Orchestration! From a source currency to multiple others, updated daily.

Our Orchestrator Library is sure to get your business a step ahead in 2021.

Managed Services
In 2020, our managed services gave clients the time and space to focus on what really mattered.  One customer; Saint John Energy, has been utilizing our services for several years as their JD Edwards CNC Managed Support provider. Michael Purcell, Supervisor Information Systems, noted that “We have been very pleased with them in providing Server support and monitoring, as well as the trouble ticket support. Saint John Energy did go out for RFP after iSP3’s first contract was up as a due diligent exercise and after reviewing the proposals again selected iSP3 again for our support.”

As you think about stalled projects that might be starting up again in the new year or inclement projects that cannot wait any longer, our team would be happy to offer a hand with daily, periodic or as needed technical and functional duties.

Amalgamation & 20th Anniversary
As of August 2020, our team became one with TeamCain Solutions Inc fully amalgamating into iSP3.  We appreciate your support of the TeamCain brand during the transition.  There is great value in bringing together the experience from both companies and while we couldn't meet up this year to celebrate our accomplishments, we are all looking forward to celebrating iSP3’s 20th Anniversary in 2021. Our remotely connected team works incredibly hard for our clients and we would not be who we are without you.

Stay Connected
If you would like to stay connected to us for JD Edwards news and updates, please make sure to follow our company page on LinkedIn (click to follow). This is where you will find links to information about JD Edwards product updates, webinars, blogs and are able to network with other customers.  We invite you to join our community.

We hope you, your team and your families have a safe and happy holiday season and we look forward to what the new year will bring.