On-Demand: Meters Matter – Orchestrations for Meter Readings

You’ve got too much to do without having to worry about entering data.

There was a time when manually entering and updating meter readings for monitoring equipment and initiating maintenance was the norm. But in today’s world, with today’s technological advancements and our reliance on technology, the manual way just doesn’t work. We need to get the technology working for us.

On this session we explore a series of Orchestrations in our library that will allow you to automate and process your meter readings.

  • Getting meter readings from a CSV file
  • Validate CSV file and meter reading inputs
  • Use a working table to track and collect errors and valid inputs to update
  • Call orchestration to perform meter reading updates from external ID, hours, date
  • Log errors in table for reporting

Discover how you can automate your meter readings today!

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